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The Skin and Menopause, Naturally
Your Changing Skin
reprinted from the winter 2005 issue of LILIPOH magazine

Every season of the year is imbued with its own special beauty and wisdom. The same is true of the seasons of our life. Just as there are four seasons in the year, there are four periods in one’s life, each one consisting of 21 years. The first 21-year period is the Spring of one’s life. This is the most active growth period. The Summer of one’s life occurs between the ages of 21 and 42 years. Just as the height of the sun’s light and heat occurs during the summer, this period is one’s prime. The Autumn of one’s life comes between 42 and 63 years of age. It is during this time when the body’s regenerative capacity slows down.

Nurturing the Warmth Within
Dr. Hauschka Therapeutic treatment and Lymph Stimulation
reprinted from the winter 2003 issue of LILIPOH magazine

As the earth circles around the sun, the length of daylight changes. During the spring and fall equinox a natural balance exists. During the summer and winter solstice there is an extreme imbalance, and we feel it. In winter, when it is cold and dark, we feel an instinctive need to turn within to achieve balance, to focus on our inner light and inner warmth. One of the most pleasant, relaxing and fragrant ways to do it is to receive an authentic Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment. This therapeutic facial goes beyond pampering. Developed from an awareness that human being is an interweaving of body, soul and spirit, this treatment offers a unique therapy for the whole person.

Sunlight Pros and Cons
Summer...just a thought
reprinted from summer 2003 issue of LILIPOH magazine

Summer... Just a thought about this season awakens in us a wonderful sense of freedom. Freedom from heavy clothing, freedom to walk barefoot on the beach, your skin in touch with sun, wind and water. What a fantastic feeling! Allowing the skin to breathe gives one a sense of freedom. Skin needs contact with the elements. Elements are life giving. Hot summer sun encourages plants to ripen. Everything in nature is brimming with exuberant life force. We too, as humans, feel the fullness of life and the desire to embrace it. On beautiful summer days we might be more prone to act impulsively and forget about caution. Regarding the sunlight and sunbathing, it usually helps to know when we need to be vigilant and why, and when we can allow ourselves to venture safely into the great outdoors without a sunscreen.