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Dr. Hauschka and Weleda both provide pure, therapeutic, luxurious preparations that deliver the vitality and healing qualities of the plant to human skin. All herbs and plants used are grown biodynamically* or organically or gathered from the wild in environmentally safe areas

The processing involved in creating these products is especially unique: The cultivation of healing plants begins with healthy soil. Gathering of the plants and most of the laboratory work is done by hand without chemical or technical interference. The thoughts and attitudes of each worker also influence the process. The resulting products are safe, effective and highly therapeutic.

"Our skin, which is alive and dynamic, mirrors and expresses bodily internal processes. Being the largest organ of elimination, along with the lungs and kidneys, the skin plays an important role in our health and it is an honest revealer of disbalances in different inner systems. Working insightfully with clients and addressing aspects such as: lifestyle, eating habits, stress level and history of their skin, we can establish what needs to be balanced with appropriate choice of skin care products, nutritional and often homeopathic support. We strongly feel that skin care is not a luxury, but a preventive health care and we put our knowledge, our heart and soul in what we do”. (from a recent Media interview at THE HEALING ROSE CENTER).

The Center offers a complete line of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products, including its wonderfully colorful, rich and effective make-up. Among
Dr. Hauschka devotees are Madonna, Prince Charles, Stella McCartney, Brad Pitt, Lena Olin, Susan Sarandon, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Lauren Bacall, Cate Blanchett and numerous others.
Skin, hair, oral hygiene organic/biodynamic products by Weleda are also offered as well as its home care essentials, homeopathic and anthroposophic** remedies.

*The holistic and therapeutic techniques employed by biodynamic
agricultural methods offer a hopeful solution for a planet of limited
resources and growing environmental stress. For more information,
please visit

**Developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century, Anthroposophy
is a spiritual scientific path of knowledge and self-transformation. Born in
Austria, Dr. Steiner was a scientist, educator and philosopher. His work in
Anthroposophy has had a significant impact on agriculture (bio-
dynamics), education (Waldorf Schools), therapeutic and medical
sciences, social structure and the arts. For more information, please visit

For recent article on biodynamic agriculture and Dr. Hauschka products please see House & Garden Magazine, August 2004 issue.